Saturday, January 31, 2009

or as I like to call it, the 'familiarly-4-fridays' month

a quick peek at the calendar for feb.

mon. the 2nd: groundhog day (go Phil!)

fri. the 13th

sat. the 14th: st. valentine's day...of course

mon. the 16th: president's day, aka '2-presidents-birthdays-in-1' day

whole month: black history month - not african american history month

Sunday, January 4, 2009

future honeymoon?

I caught myself staring at this part of the world on a globe recently and had an idea for a trip I'd like to take that might be hard to do but tons 'o' fun all the way. I think it would include 12 cities and last at least 24 days (rushed?). I put the start and finish spots on the little map. I'm not sure why it costs so much less to fly from PHX to Dublin, Ireland than from Paris, France back to PHX - about 4.5 times less actually! Anyway, here is the mini "agenda":

1.Come into Dublin, take pics

2.Jet over to London, hit up Buckingham

3.Shoot across to Amsterdam, film an "illicit" act

4.Drop down to Brussels, eat normal food?

5.Bust it over to Berlin, find the old wall

6.Slip into Prague, just be a spy

7.Pop up in Vienna, get a souvenir

8.Cruise over to Bern, meet someone famous

9.Roll down to Rome, avoid mafia

10. (quality) S L E E P

11.Cross Mediterranean (boat?)

12.Go out with a Madrid hottie

13.See if Lisbon has hotter hotties

14.Last stop:Paris

15.Eiffel tower at night?

It's a generic plan but "on paper" it rocks my socks. If any one has any advice they can offer a fool like me on this crazy jaunt, feel free. Yeah, I just opened it up to you for mocking my only fun idea ever. Oh and if you feel so inclined, I am taking donations to make this whole thing possible. Every litte bit helps. It's a new year, why not be more giving in '09? : )