Sunday, January 30, 2011

1 month down...


(aka interesting questions and/or idiotic questions)


- Where does mucus really come from?

- What happens with animals in heaven? (pets?, zoos?, etc.)

- Why is the country of Egypt having a major cow right now?

- Will we ever figure out the criminal justice system?

- Who else besides Jimmer Fredette should get College Player of the Year?

- Why is it already 75 degrees in January?

- Wouldn't it be awesome if bird poo was something that actually went against gravity?

- Why do I like Sweethearts candies so much?

- Who wins Super Bowl XLV? Who really cares?

- How much will I be missed at store #1542?

- When will the 'Christian community' finally respect the Latter-Day Saints?

- If Natalie Portman doesn't win for Best Actress this year, will her celebrity status spiral downwards?

- How many more sub jobs will I end up getting in my career?

- Will this be the summer I get to meet 'the green bill brothers'?

- At what point does our government take a good look around at the mess we call the USA?

- True or False? 2011 will be the lamest movie year this century.

- How many roadies can the Versa handle?

- Chandler was voted "All-American City"... Who was on the voting panel?

- Who invented Scrabble? (potentially a legitimate question)

- Do you feel cheated after spending valuable time reading all these questions?

* input-feedback-harassment = always welcome

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

new year - day 10


We'll call them quality thoughts if they are good, questionable thoughts if they are not so good


- If only I had a mind like Hugh Nibley's

- Just Dance 2... yes, I did do some on the Wii

- Nothing like a good old fashioned family reunion to help wear you out (all those kids!)

- I can't wait to see the boys go undefeated in region play (freshmen hoops)

- Went to the dentist the other day... amazingly, I 'passed'

- The 3rd Narnia movie = utter nonsense (good book/bad film)

- Finally, a BCS bowl game worth watching ---> oregon vs. auburn

- Satan is a punk!

- Love when people have birthdays, I mean I like going to their parties

- Why do the Suns stink?

- Recent shooting in Tucson where Congresswoman was injured: not the first time this happened, and probably won't be the last

- For the most part the media is so preposterously ridiculous and good for almost nothing

- I have the worst sweet tooth! I need to order my dentures now

- Friends are cool, good friends are better, BFF's pretty much rule

- Trust me when I say 'the pressure cooker is the way to go'

- Scriptures are the b-o-m-b (is that sacrilegious?)

- I really need a better foundation in my life... still struggling in a lot of ways

- AZ is the best during winter, except for all the visitors who drive crazy

- Speaking of driving, I consider myself a pretty fair motor vehicle operator. I will not have the city of Mesa telling me otherwise.

- Not to be silly, but if animal language was like human language, how rad would that be (seriously)

* If you have some Q.T.'s then by all means, do share

- JL