Wednesday, September 19, 2012

and then the REALITY sets in

I never met the man.  I really don't know him.  But I'm thinking that I like Mr. Tony Danza.  He seems like he has a good heart.  I just read his book, "I'd Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had".  The book is a brief chronicle of the year he spent as a Sophomore English teacher at Northeast High in Philadelphia.  He even got the A & E channel to film some of it-in which they showed several episodes on cable TV a couple years ago (called "TEACH").

Having been in the midst of the education field for the past 8 years I found this to be a quality look, and a realistic one, into the state of our current education system.  Danza tries to open our eyes to urban education to show what it's like trying to bring about some good in a constant battle for the education of today's youth.  There are plenty of highs, lows, and in-betweens, and it certainly appeals to the emotions quite often.

Here is a man, who is not only multi-talented, but even has a number of 'connections', which basically enhances his students' chances to enjoy learning.  His boxing career was mentioned, but all his former toughness can't keep him from breaking down on occassion.  He learns how much stress and pressure is placed on everyone involved in education.  I'm not sure I was ever that close to any of my students, but I understand it nonetheless.

Teaching is not fun, not easy, and not for everybody.  But the kids need good teachers, now more than ever.  The future of our society is depending on their learning what it takes to be a good citizen and human.  The task is great.  Just one year of having one class was almost too great for the likes of Tony 'the boss' Danza.
- JL