Friday, April 6, 2012

what's good? friday!

Just took dog for walk, and we conversated.
Not really. But you can imagine if we did. How would that go I wonder?
I know what I would say if I was a dog - I'd just tell it like it is, and take my chances.

Easter's in 2 days, and yes, I've already had 2 boxes of Peeps (yea for birthdays).

This week:
Kentucky beat Kansas by 8, I had them winning by 9 in my bracket.
I subbed twice, once for P.E., and watched kids murder each other in dodgeball (hilarious).
Went to the gym 5 straight days. Went to the library 3 of those days.
Oh, and I went broke putting gas in my car...practically true!

So I hope we can be ready for this summer coming up (spring here is so short). Better make sure the pool is all ready to go.
Bye for now.