Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer good, summer not


The number of days I've been alive on Earth.  Those days have all been in the western and northern part of the planet.  I was born a white male, and I still am white and male.  I entered a family unit and they remain a part of my life to this day.  I've never left the country I was born in.  I've only left the terrestrial level a small number of times.  I have not yet married, nor started my own family.  I am driving the fourth car I ever owned.  I've never owned a home, or rented an apartment for myself.  I graduated from high school, community college, and a university.  My religion has been the same my whole life, and probably will be for the remainder.  I've been employed about two dozen times in total.  As I write this, the dog is sleeping, the sun is shining, the AC is blowing, the government is sucking, education is struggling, the economy is weakening, people are living, dying, and wondering, the internet is thriving, God is watching, the world is changing, and you had no idea that you would ever realize how much you really matter to me...

- JL

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hero - ical

oh, beautiful for heroes proved

in liberating strife,

who more than self their country loved,

and mercy more than life!

"may God thy gold refine"