Sunday, October 21, 2012

List - of - Truths

(in no particular order)

1) Jesus Christ is at the center of all things, such as the sun with objects revolving around it.

2) All living things have a spirit.

3) Right now the earth is moving, and you are moving with it.

4) What happens when we die? We will all find out! But something does happen.

5) If you can see, if you can hear, if you can walk - you are greatly blessed.

6) The most important things in this life are not things - they are people, and feelings, memories, and ideas.

7) You are not here by accident, no matter what is said, we all have a purpose.

8) With every rise comes a fall; with every success comes a setback; with every win there is a loss.

9) The world was different 5 years ago, it will be different in 5 more years.

9.5) This list is actually semi-intriguing.