Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Call it whatever

Another B-L-O-G, another day of R-A-I-N?

Last night we watched the Mesa Jackrabbits visit the home court of the Hamilton Huskies. These two played in December (holiday tournament) and Mesa handled the Huskies then. This was still on the players' minds no doubt. Hamilton had a some key players sitting out, unfortunately. Mesa has probably the best point guard in the state and another one going to play for Tulsa next year.

At the end of the first quarter, Hamilton was ahead. At the half, Mesa was up by 7 or so. The third quarter ended with Mesa still in the lead. The last five minutes of regulation were electric, however. The Huskies took over and came back to tie it up, sending it into overtime. The students were rowdy, the parents were buzzing, and the refs ... well, they didn't exactly bring their A games.

Coincidentally, the game just happened to be broadcast live over the AIA website. So the proof is there. I can't count the number of bad calls or no calls on the part of the officials. But life goes on.

Here we go into an extra 4 minutes of action. The Huskies were in a zone, it seemed, and were up by 2 with about a minute left (due to an obvious goal-tend which the refs didn't call). Then the Jackrabbit all-star Jahii-what's-his-name took the ball and tied the game again. As Hamilton comes in after that, they made a costly turnover. Then a questionable foul call sends Mr. Carson to the line for 2 more shots. He missed one, surprisingly, putting Mesa up 73-72 with a few seconds left. Hamilton hurries the ball down and we find big Micah Fetters shooting it in the corner as the clock winds down. . .

The night was full of exciting overtime thrillers. The Phoenix Suns lost at home to the inferior Charlotte Bobcats in OT. The #1 ranked Kentucky Wildcats went down against the Gamecocks of South Carolina. And sadly, the mighty Hamilton Huskies felt the crushing blow of defeat, barely losing to potentially the best team in the Valley of the Sun.

A referee call here, a made free throw there, and today is a day of joy for HHS fans. But we can't let it ruin our day. That's what the clouds are for.

- JL

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The other day I subbed for my 190th time since '07.

Here's what subbing in a junior high/high school classroom is like nowadays:

- eating a whole bag of "sluggles"
- holding a handful of dirt for several hours straight
- manufactured drama (like the kind on soap operas)
- letting ants crawl on you
- gargling vinegar
- running w/ shoelaces untied
- dipping earlobes in hot wax
- watching people ride roller coasters
- getting in a pie throwing fight ... and losing
- listening to a record of a shakespeare play, in reverse
- going to the zoo and someone pulls the fire alarm

Monday, January 11, 2010

heres a happy : )

So, as promised, I present the first edition of the "Things That Are Cool" list...

- San Marcos ward socials
- doing Family History
- Tax refunds $$$
- Super Mario for Wii
- Hamilton Huskies hoops
- 10 Ghirardelli squares for $1.00
- going on a mission to Mongolia
- Peter Piper Pizza's lunch buffet
- a little thing I like to call "Sherlock Holmes" (now playing)
- writing letters to missionaries
- baptisms/confirmations
- the Cards playoff win over the Packers
- and yes...the LoveSac

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not to brag, but it's 69 degrees here

While a lot of people in those other places are getting it from the freezing snow and other such weather messes, I have made a list of other really crappy things. It's just a short list, I'm sure.

- Things made in China
- Obama's fling with abusing his powers
- Not making enough money
- Drunk drivers - including bus drivers and delivery trucks
- Cancer :(
- All the "Saw" movies (seriously, stop making those already)
- Finding a hair in your DQ blizzard
- Harassing mormons without cause
- ASU's record this past football season
- Spam emails

BUT the good news is the list of really cool things is shortly forthcoming, so stay tuned kids!