Tuesday, February 15, 2011

End of an Era

Six years at the Pier (pier 1 imports)

events taken place during July 2004-March 2008:

- associates degree from MCC
- first day actually teaching a junior high class
- utah road trip for a wedding
- Lord of the Rings trilogy marathon(s)
- lost a fellow high school alumn and good friend
- 10 year high school reunion
- student teaching, while working two part-time jobs
- bachelors degree from ASU
- trip to L.A. for conference (cancelled)
- trip to minneapolis for OAH Centennial meeting
- ASU campus gets new Tempe University Stake Center/institute building
- moved to mesa, new family ward
- store #765 closes

* went through 4 different store managers

events taken place during October 2008-February 2011:

- cardinals in super bowl! and barely lost!
- got family history calling
- volunteering with chandler library
- spring training game for birthday
- registered with MovieWorkNow casting agency
- dad gets a palomino horse
- lost a good friend and former boss
- replaced laptop hard drive (lost data)
- harry potter 6 @ midnight...free
- utah roadie in "the black burro" for conference
- ran into screen door at halloween party - still sorry about that
- cashier training w/ fry's, never got to work a shift
- almost got a job @ AAA landlord...?
- parents get a new house, in same neighborhood
- 54th plasma donation (over 11 gallons total)
- broke sprinkler valve in rear exterior of store #1542 (best accident ever)
- watched 100th CES fireside ever, during a storm
- in a GoDaddy commercial w/ Vanessa Rousso
- worked out for Phoenix Mercury practice team, took tour of USAirways Center
- BluRay player, Ipod Nano for birthday
- on city league softball team (3rd place)
- got v.i.p. tour of Chase field
- ate rabbit at House of Trix in tempe
- nephew's 1st birthday party at park in Long Beach
- Gila Valley temple dedicated
- almost got a job at Concord Services...?
- traded in Rogue for Versa : (
- Sweetie's opens down the road
- SRP kills power, hits gas line, evacuated from house for over an hour
- got to present family history lesson to the whole ward
- almost got job w/ Corestaff at Shutterfly...?
- 2nd softball season (1st inside the park homerun)
- Rally's opens - mmmmm buuufooord
- brand new family pictures out in Verrado (buckeye)
- assistant freshman boys basketball coach: Hamilton High
- went without sugar for 5 days, during thanksgiving week no less
- big family reunion in mesa for new year's weekend

* there will never be another truck boy like SWEET J

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freshman ballers

all I got to say is...

17 - 1 !!!!!

(boo to the yah)