Friday, March 2, 2012

just too c - double o - l

Today was my 367th (unofficially) sub job. Sophomore english - Much Ado About Nothing, Junior english - Great Gatsby. Teacher out for pet dog's medical procedure. My procedure was keeping the status quo in the classroom. And coach had a nice bonus check for me, from helping out during the season with the gamebook, etc.

Still going to the gym regularly. Not a schwarzenegger yet, by any means, but I like it. My roommates head to San Fran for 4 days, in about 48 hrs. or so. Looks like the 'domestic creature' stays with a relative for that duration. Nice!

I was on a Peter O'Toole kick this week. One night I did "Beckett" (w/ him and Richard Burton, 1964?). Then I did "The Lion in Winter" (w/ him and Katherine Hepburn, 1968?). No more for me, thanks anyway.

Yes, we had a confirmed kill of our first scorpion, on the front porch, one of these past nights. It seems the lack of cool weather is leading to their early arrival. Needless to say Bug-Man was scheduled right away (he found a few more).

I know not so many details of you, my fellow readers, though I extend my best wishes as we head into what I like to call the best time of the year...2012 version.

- J.L.