Sunday, December 18, 2011

Looking back, ahead

how do you recap a whole year in a few lines of text?
you really can't do it (very well, anyway).
but I thought about 2011 and realized one thing at least - it sure flew by!

and on that note, I give you the 'thesis' of this post: I think it's important that we try to live our lives like we only have 1 more day to do it in...because...for all we just might be the truth.

here are some things I can say about this past year, and the year coming up.
* I need to be more charitable * I need the Spirit more * I fail my fellow man/woman too much * My will and His will need to be in sync * I can work on my flaws and fix them * My heart wants to change, I need to let it * I have to focus better on my goals * Jesus knows I love him but my service is often lacking * Being single is not progressing --> 'nuff said

Thursday, December 8, 2011

what we're all about

the link takes you to the home page of the new web site for hamilton high school boys basketball

go huskies

the season has started off on the right track and things are looking to go well for these young men

sure, the nba is coming back
yeah, college is the better game

but our guys can blaze the nets and tear up the court like no other

* happy holiday season, by the way