Thursday, November 24, 2011

GREAT itudes

Instead of the usual "things I'm thankful for" list, I opted to throw down things that recently have highlighted my little adventures here on earth.

- getting to work with the basketball coaching staff at hamilton high
- really big checks coming in the mail
- leaving the big bank, joining credit union instead
- good friends to do things with on the weekend
- enjoying a great dog like HEIDI for the last 13 years or so
- cool friends that take me with on their roadies
- having two jobs - wait - make that one job now, after I got hosed by one company (not to name any names, but you know who you are AMP!)
- roommates that keep life interesting
- wrapping up the Inheritance series, Chris Paolini did do a stand-up job
- this new album I can't stop listening to...I now have it in my top 5 all time best ever... way to go Angels & Airwaves!
- catching a little Harry Potter on the big screen for only $1
- the fact that the police helicopter outside the other night with the spotlight on and the megaphone going, was not for me, or anyone I know
- having options when going to church on sunday

*may or may not be amended at later date

Monday, November 14, 2011

tears 2 shed, words 2 share

It was this same time of year, back in '07, when we lost a member of the fam to old age (Mugs).

Today, it happened again.

Our german shepherd was one of the best dogs in the history of domestic pets.

But nature takes its course, and the aged must move on, to greener pastures.

Take care Heidi ... give our best to those already gone ...

Sunday, November 13, 2011


According to Wikipedia, the word 'holiday' comes from the Old English word hāligdæg,
which refers to a 'holy day'. What an opportune time to reflect on things more significant and meaningful on life in general. So I did.

A film was recently released and the plot deals with time being the main unit of currency. There is no money, money is time (get it? time is money, haha). Instead of cents, seconds are spent. Instead of dollars, days are used. The richer you are, the more time you have to spend, etc. An interesting concept, for sure.

This makes me think about how most of us live anyway. We, of course, all have the same amount of time. We all use this time in very different ways, though. A guy named Gandalf once said, "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." Which really is true.

So what are we doing with our time? How are we using it? I just spent a little bit creating this post, just like you used some to read it. But can we not take time-or even make time-to do things that will better ourselves and others, too?

Every birthday we celebrate is a reminder of the amount of time that has gone by. Then we get to remember the way it passed, and if we want to, try to make the next year even more well-spent. And so I wish you all the best. And I grant you the next few minutes to agree, disagree, or not care...