Sunday, September 25, 2011

classic "uncle bobby" weekend

remember that one time when your friend invited you up to her cousin's parent's cabin and you

said 'BOOYAH!', and her cousin had a bowling ball for a belly (boy? girl? names?), and the poor

old blind dog and the 2 cute little kids took the roadie in stride, and the '56 chevy made the trip

up north so it could be in the car show, and we stopped for gas (and beetles) and got it on film,

and grandma and grandpa were there too and there was added support with just about

everything, but we had to eat so we all went and got our grub on at Eddie's deli, and after that

we commenced to relax and enjoy the stay, until it was time for the parade where we waited for

the tossing of candies and viewing of vintage automoblies, but then the BYU game came on and

that turned out pretty well fortunately, and even the D-Bax celebrated like crazy since they

officially sealed their post-season spot by beating the giants - ZZZZZ - what? no sleeping in? it

was okay though because breakfast was the bomb, and then we ventured out to the car show

and got to see mucho cool cars, and guess who was there...more related adults and their

offspring, who just happened to notice that it was lunch time and we all decided to congregate

back at the cabin for some more fine foods and beverages, at which point it was time to skip

naps and go see more of those fancy rides at the car show, but it got late fast and the see-saw

still had to be assembled,which meant that before it got dark the golf ball scavenger hunt was to

get under way, there was time for a lite supper before the big game where ASU put a little

whoopin on those punks from USC - ZZZZZ - rise and shine again for more playtime w/ the

kids, a birthday breakfast, and some cleaning up while catching a little sunday pigskin action, it

looked like it might start to rain but never really did, we proceeded to grab a quick bite from the

Taco Bell, gas fill-up/ice cream run via the Circle K, brief potty break at the Burger King, and

then hit the last little roll down the mountain back into the valley = tons of fun! :D

Saturday, September 17, 2011

the sub rub

thats about how many sub jobs I've had now, these last five years or so
it's been quite a ride, for sure
do I like it? sure
will I keep doing it? sure
is it worth it? sure
chandler district is the best bet it seems - both teacher wise & student wise
the above graphic may or may not look familiar... but it's not always like you're a spartan educator ... and you're outnumbered by all those darling young minds
does improving the education system still appear to be a battle? sadly, yes

Sunday, September 4, 2011

summer home 2011

I will miss you apartments 3312, 16215, & 17313.
We had some good times this summer.
One of them was when the lady below us hated our very existence-for being awake later than her, I guess-so she complained enough that we had to the rain.
I remember moving into a 3 bedroom apartment with 7 dudes living there - and only 1 key.
There was also the time when we helped another dude move in, to our 3rd floor apartment, and he had a weight bench (w/ 300 lbs.)
Can't forget about the many heated but still hilarious volleyball matches between the reps and the techs.
I won't miss those 8 great speed bumps. Multiple times per day. ugh!
Nor will I forget about surfing on the car while running trash up to the dumpster.
I definitely didn't enjoy pulling in to a blacked out complex one night. No electricity is the worst!
The morning visits to the pool will be missed, as well.
Some action in #16101 also: the mouse running loose, the pipes bursting and water flooding the floors, the table collapsing, etc.
So I wish you well, complex off of exit 55. It was an interesting summer living on your grounds.