Friday, March 26, 2010

Not a 'girlie man'

As I write this on Fri., I have spent this past week 'in training' so to speak to get in better shape.
For what?
Well, tomorrow after work I will head down to the US Airways Center practice facility and play some b-ball. They are holding tryouts to field a practice squad for the Phoenix Mercury. Yes, I will be competing w/ many other dudes across the valley for the chance at one of maybe 15 spots. Those selected are to receive some new shoes and some game tickets. Just for showing up: a t-shirt and a boxed lunch.
Do I think I have what it takes?
Not necessarily.
BUT I have worked out this whole week to try and get back into decent hoops form. My diet has even been adjusted to help me with the conditioning (although I definitely could've done a better job at this :)
Workouts included running laps & sprints, aquarobics/cardio, and hours in the gym doing drills for dribbling and shooting.
Not that I think I am at all 'game ready'. My hope is that I can hang with the other guys and not embarrass myself too much.
Now...who wants to play me some H-O-R-S-E ?

Monday, March 22, 2010

In the 'Biz

So Friday was interesting/educational for me.
I spent the majority of the day at Villa Siena in Gilbert for a GODADDY commercial shoot.
It was a poker theme and it featured Vanessa Rousso (top 5 all-time female poker tournament money-maker).
There were about a dozen of us that were extras and we just sat in the background at the tables acting like we were playing some Hold 'em.
There was a lot of sitting around in the lounge, but we did get snacks, and lunch was pretty top-notch in my opinion.
The set was loaded with the crew, and props, and lights.
For my first time, I think I rather enjoyed it.
The worst part was that I missed most of the day's March Madness games.
So goes my intro to the entertainment industry...

Friday, March 12, 2010

I feel naked, I mean bare

Did you peep into this post out of curiosity?
I'm sure.

The reason for my title is that I have given up my Star Wars Trilogies and my Lord of the Rings collection. I know, crazy huh? It's because I feel like movin on up to the next step - Blu Ray. The Lord of the Rings 3-pack comes out in a few weeks. I still need a player of course, and an HDMI cable. This is an urge that's probably worth the wait.

Along the Family History lines, the following website is a DANDY.

This program is free, but the Deluxe version seems to impress others more. You can do some pretty cool stuff with your ancestral information in this system. (I wouldn't pass it on if it was anything less than cool)

Just like you wouldn't be reading this if you were anything less than cool. See how that works out?

B- ]

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ladies, I got your back

Yes, today is International Women's Day, or something like that. Apparently, this is not observed here in the United States. Although, International Men's Day is November 19, and that does seem to be recognized by the U.S. of A.

Hey - don't look at me - I don't get it either. (chauvinism rules ?)

There's even an International Children's Day (June 1) and a Universal Children's Day (Nov. 20). So what's really going on here?

Well, all I can do is supply the information. I had no say in their origins. Why do we need to come up with "___ Days" to remember the roles of the family? It should be "Family Day" every day if you know what I mean. Some parents are lame, which affects the kids. [Trust me, I'm a first-hand witness] This takes its toll on our society.

Come on people...step it up!