Thursday, April 28, 2011

witches & switches

The latest from the Q.C. (queen city):

So we had an apartment on the third floor...emphasis on had...

Some lady who lived below us I guess was not cool with the fact that we had different hours than her. This comes from her banging on our floor (her ceiling) and then our door. I opened it up and said, "Yes ma'am."
I was then presented with a 2 minute tirade, laced with a plethora of profanities, including other threats. All we did was shower after midnight, really.

It got to the point where management 'asked us to leave'. We were told we had to move in with 4 other dudes (who had 1 total key for the other apartment, by the way). Not cool.
And we moved - in the rain.

Take another look at the title of this post. Let me know if it fits or not.

- JL

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

mile-ology AND false alarms

So last week I 'roadied' from the valley of the sun to the east coast metropolis of Charlotte North Carolina.
I learned a little something along the way.

Flying is so much more better.

Well, I finally did make it, safe and sound. Thank goodness.

I'd especially like to thank the sponsors at La Casa de Omer for their meals, mattresses, and spirited conquests in "Shadows over Camelot". Many thanks also go to the establishment at Alverson Manor. The '5 guys and fries' went so well with the Quantum Leap episodes and watching the hordes of bats wake up from under the overpass at dusk. Oh, and there was a birthday involved as well.

Hope to see you all again before summer ends!

Currently I am a technician for AMP alarms (monitored by Vector)
Allow me to present a typical (so far) schedule of the day:
9am - get up
noon - get equipment, have a meeting, get ready to go out on jobs
3pm - still waiting for first job/getting first job/helping someone else
9pm - most likely on 2nd or 3rd job
midnight - in office turning in paperwork...or posting on the blog

*the above schedule may or may not be a little vague and condensed but it's fairly accurate. funny story below:

So every time we put in a new system we test it out by sending signals. Well, it was put on test but I guess it expired and so when I finally sent my signals they weren't verified and emergency response was dispatched to the home! I was on two different phone calls when the fire truck pulled up and the ambulance crew came in. It was CRAZY. Imagine what the homeowner was thinking. Funny story over.

Apologies for the delays in posting - have been juggling work with other work and then more work along with some work.

hugs, kisses, and high fives!
- JL

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tulips + Daisies = todaysies ?

In about 48 hours from this post I will officially be on the road and headed to the east coast


So with that I offer this latest post from the valley of the sun ... hey, stay awake!

Today's trivia-
Q: What do you call a baby porcupine?
A: A porcupet(te)

Today in history-
* On this day in 1513, explorer Juan Ponce de Leon landed at St. Augustine and claimed the whole of Florida for Spain (from the spanish for 'feast of flowers')

Today's quote-
"The greatest achievement mankind can make in this world is to familiarize themselves with divine truth, so thoroughly, so perfectly, that the example or conduct of no creature living in the world can ever turn them away from the knowledge that they have obtained." (Joseph F. Smith, 1915)

Today's website-

Today's shout out-
this one is for the Arizona Diamondbacks, on the night of their home opener... hey guys, let's make it a good year, huh, what do you say?

Today's R.I.P.-
former NBA player Drazen Petrovic (October 22, 1964 – June 7, 1993)
he was LEGIT

[to be resumed later this month 2 time zones away]

Monday, April 4, 2011

skiddlee beebop a we rock a scoobie doo and guess what america we love you

am i mad? upset? angry?
why should i be?

i'm not the moronic idiot who recently took it upon himself to set fire to a certain holy scripture used by the largest religious group on the planet - and he resides in our country, by the way

i did take the assignment to babysit a cluster of little darling middle schoolers for the next few days

i'm not involved with the nuclear crisis taking place in japan as we speak (i kinda think there should be a plan for when things go wrong, that's already been established before the emergency happens)

i sure do wish the courts weren't so much responsible for robbing me of much needed funds

why in the world would the car wash take it upon themselves to remove the plastic bottles from my backseat? don't they know that if i wanted them gone, i could probably do that task my own d*** self

the early april 99 degree weather has nothing to do with this post!

should i really go broke just trying to fill my thirsty car's gas tank with regular unleaded on a weekly basis?

the president ... need i say more

my ongoing dental ordeal is just another way for me to 'learn and grow'

i like to read, but life is too short for books over 500 pages; what's wrong with getting to the point and then continuing the series? I'd rather get through 9 smaller copies than lose a whole month getting to meet the main characters

i need some marshmallows! i'll be back later though