Thursday, April 29, 2010

no, I'M not in Italy, unfortunately

SO SORRY to be late with my posting

BUT it has been made clear to me that it's time for another list of things that are good, with maybe a list for bad things too, huh?

Ready? whatever

THE GOOD LIST (all about perspective right?)
- winning money at trivia
- free food on your birthday
- the weather, so far
- gas prices not going up (yet)
- watermelon & BBQ
- SUNS beating portland
- Panthers softball team
- 40% off books
- screening movies for free
- ooey gooey caramel brownie blizzard at DQ
- "Lonesome Dove" on blu-ray
- finding some dress clothes NOT made in china [thank you SteinMart]
- an inside tour of Chase field
- bread crumb coated chicken dinners at the Suites
- going to the temple more often

- whoever the current president is
- the unnecessary hulabaloo about the recent immigration bill passed in AZ
- any kind of thinking that the above bill will even matter at all
- schools not having the funds they need
- some bloggers not having the funds they need...certain bloggers
- Samsung cell phone batteries
- people getting dissed by earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.
- the last movie seen at the drive ins (refund!)
- traffic accidents that take all day to clean up
- sooo much road construction
- people that can't control themselves enough to drive at reasonable speeds
- double tendonitis in the elbows :(
- waiting until august for The MockingJay to come out
- twitter, facebook, myspace, and other such sites --> all they do is suck out personal info for scams galore...and waste time
* I was serious about that last one, it's been proven *

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Whoa! What's this chick doin' all up on my BLOG?

Well, it's actually my prop for the following post.

While the movie-whose poster you see here-does not come out until May 14th, I was able to be one of the crowd who recently screened it at a local theater. Here's the skinny:

So I don't often take in these types of films (chick flicks) yet I have to say that I was not let down. Sure it was free, but it still had some merit as a decent quality picture. My friend sitting next to me informed me that it was good enough for her-and I trusted her opinion.

This comes from the director of "Charlotte's Web", and "Bride Wars", and he remains effective in his presentation. The setting (Italy) was pleasant and attractive, with music to match the scenery.

Is it predictable? Sure. These kinds of movies usually end the same - happily. Is it worth your time? Indeed. It expresses the best traits of being in love, complete with appropriate lines and suitable acting. I also liked that it was "good, clean fun". So take the family, or just your sweetie, and enjoy 111 min. of AMORE!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ever Elusive

No, it's not Charlie Brown's problem - it's my complaint.
My question is why, WHY?

Any of you avid shoppers out there (even just 'window' shopping types) please be on the lookout for neckties that are NOT made in China. Trust me, they are hard to find. The good ties that are made in other places just cost like $25-$30 (see how that works?) I'm surprised I even have the ones I do, quite frankly.

So to recap:
1. I don't like stuff made in china
2. I have hard time finding dress pants, dress shoes and socks, and now ties - thanks to #1

Not to be a Donny Downer ... but this is a rather annoying epidemic >: [

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

good times

Happy Birthdays:
- HK (4/3)
- Millera6 (4/6)
- Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (4/6)

Now...what to post...hmmm...I got it!

APRIL is Jazz Appreciation month AND it's also National Poetry month. So, all you crazy cats get cranked and snap to this. I call it "Spring's flings" (Norah Jones w/ background)

That's right Daddy-O, go ahead and razz my berries.
I might go ape about this gig and lose my mind slowly.
When the rain stops and the sun shines I see the man steppin' on my dreams.
Ain't Spring the thing?

I'm hip to your tricks brother, and it's bringin' me down.
Don't call me kookie or I'll lay it on you with two coats.
It's about time to let the fish and the flowers do their thing.
Yeah, Spring still stings!

Before I cut out I wanna know that you're havin' a blast, and you dig my jive.
I'm not into rattlin' your cage, so cool out with the other cubes baby.
Let's see how the wind blows the news to our ears...listen...listen.
This is some fling, man.