Friday, December 28, 2012

In a nutshell X 12

My micro version run-down of 2012

Jan: back to chandler, subbing, coaching (hamilton), kindle fire purchase

Feb: giants win super bowl, AZ turns 100, more subbing & coaching

Mar: more sub jobs, ‘hunger games’ hits theaters, march madness

Apr: conference, back home, kentucky wins ncaa tourney, volunteer Pat’s Run

May: subbing continues, coaching resumes (chandler-summer league), ‘avengers’ movie

June: pool guy training (2 wks), heat win nba finals, new calling-EQ counselor

July: another spiderman flick, AC goes out!, ‘dark knight rises’, retired sweetJ plate

Aug: Olympics in London, harry potter marathon (8 films in 3 days)

Sep: teaching-school, teaching-church, a little coaching thrown in, changed wards

Oct: conference, job interview, @ pier1(holiday help), mom…cancer : ( , cali sis. visits

Nov: giants win world series, hurricane sandy hits NE, obama wins election again, date w/ kelly, quit gym membership, ‘skyfall’ released, ran a 6:49 mile on a whim, new calling-webelos leader

Dec: mom starts chemo, ‘hobbit’ comes out big, sandy hook shooting, Vegas sis. visits're next!
- JL

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